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What are certifications for?

Certification ensures compliance with requirements for the product and demonstrates it.

It is a sub-process of conformity evaluation, which we as a manufacturer have to undertake on the basis of legal requirements or are happy to carry out at the request of the customer.

IPmotion and certifications

We produce electronic devices which combine different wireless technologies in one system.

Each of our individual components has an operating and wireless approval, but as a whole the CAR-A-WAN must not exceed permitted limit values, e.g. due to interaction between the components.

Tested independent by third parties - not just self-declared

That is why we determine the necessary legal framework conditions for the sales areas and have these confirmed, as required by law, by independent testing and certification bodies.


The CAR-A-WAN v1 for the Maybach was tested at the time by EMCtech GmbH within the framework of the acceptance and provision of the business option for Daimler AG.

We are in possession of the test protocols, but not the approval certificate, since the CAR-A-WAN.automotive v1 was an independent element of the vehicle and was approved in conjunction with it.

The CAR-A-WAN v6 is still in the certification process as of September 2019, please be patient.

Password protected test reports

To open the test reports, you will receive a password after signing a non-disclosure agreement. Please contact our management.