14.09.2011 - IAA 2011: With fast WLAN, CAR-A-WAN assists vehicle refiner STARTECH with its fair exhibits

STARTECH presents use scenarios for stable and fast parallel Internet connections with CAR-A-WAN.automotive at the IAA

At this year's IAA, the vehicle refiner STARTECH, a member of the BRABUS Group, is presenting use scenarios for stable and fast parallel Internet connections for several passengers in the rear of a Jaguar XJL Business, Range Rover Business with iPad integration and Land Rover Discovery 4, using the example of the latest IPmotion broadband router model CAR-A-WAN.automotive v3 with up to twice 20 Mbit/s


03.08.2011 - Cologne city fire brigade secures Internet in vehicles against communication network failure in three ways

Broadband router uses satellite system on rear of vehicle for substitute Internet connection to fire service network

If the UMTS network fails during fire and disaster protection deployments, a broadband WLAN router restores a secure Internet and VPN connection in seconds – via the satellite system at the rear of the articulated mobile command and control unit ELW 3. The router also supplies fast analyses of hazardous substances on-site for environmental deployments throughout Germany at high throughput rates to the mobile laboratory of the Cologne special Analytics Task Force unit (ATF).

Photo: Oliver Schaible

06.07.2011 - IPmotion offers Polish commuters fail-proof broadband Internet on buses

Poznan-based WIRAZ operates new Solaris Urbino buses with mobile CAR-A-WAN hotspots on 11 bus routes

Journey times to work of an hour are also not uncommon in Poland. The people of Swarzedz do not have to travel quite so far to reach Poznan, the nearest city, because even on the short ten-kilometre route, their bus operating company WIRAZ now offers them an early Facebook greeting to friends and access to business data on their laptops from the new Solaris Urbino buses. Especially welcome: the service does not cost WIRAZ commuters a single extra cent.

Photo: Solaris Urbino

04.04.2011 - Mobile Internet upgrade thanks to mobile wireless WLAN router, CE-certified by the above-mentioned body

Certified router for simple and type-independent upgrade with uninterrupted broadband Internet in vehicles

Compliance with European guidelines on radio and telecommunications terminal equipment in accordance with R&TTE directive 1999 / 5 / EC was confirmed by the testing and certification service Eurofins Product Service GmbH accredited by the Federal Network Agency for the mobile wireless router CAR-A-WAN.automotive v3. The router can thus also be operated in private and commercial vehicles, which are used to transport passengers, e.g. taxis, chauffeur-driven vehicles and buses.