Released firmware

Firmware is released by IPmotion for the mainstream distributions and special firmware for OEM and partners. The versions listed here are mainstream versions. OEM and partners receive information about released versions from your partner account manager.

  • v4:1.00.02688
  • v6:1.00.02590

If your CAR-A-WAN does not have this firmware installed and you need support or if this update is not offered to you in the web administration, please contact the support at or +49 641 350 999-80 (9.00-17.30 o' clock Central European Time Zone).

Changelog 1.00.0[2180:2688]-XXX

  • General bug fixes
  • General stability improvements
  • New configuration web
  • Platform compatibility fixes
  • Added DNS-blocking functionality
  • Added support for multiple WiFi-modules
  • added regulatory domain support 

Changelog 1.00.0XXXX-[292-506]

  • General bug fixes
  • Component updates    
  • Platform compatibility fixes
  • added CAPWAP
  • patched KRACK vulnerability