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What are the passwords for the CAR-A-WAN?

v4: For security reasons, the passwords cannot be found here or in the documentation. But they can be obtained from by e-mail. Please inform us of your serial number to obtain them.

v6: Please scan with your smartphone the QR code to the right of the power supply connector. You will be redirected to a website that shows you the default password.

Which setting do I use for the modules?

  • SIM-PIN (leave empty, if the SIM does not ask for)
  • Provider APN (f.e.: "internet.t-mobile" or "", without quotation marks!!!)
  • User name
  • Password

Do not forget to save and if the APN was changed, please restart, if necessary by interrupting the power supply. Please note! The CAR-A-WAN continues to operate for 30 minutes if only the ignition was switched off.

Dial string *99# ???

More recent Ericsson and Huawei modems of the CAR-A-WAN do not require this formerly common dial-up command. If you have added it for the dial string and now have problems dialling up, please delete it from the configuration.

Mobile network codes and provider-specific settings

can be found 

Look for the correct module settings or find the e-mail addresses of the mobile wireless companies. You can add to our database.