14.6.2023: IPmotion upgrades the team bus of the german national football team

We for you: CAR-A-WAN.coach v6 for the world's best bus WLAN -> rtf > pdf > docx

  • Fast: Super scrolling for soccer and match follow-up via WebTV
  • Secure: WPA3 encryption, two modems in a network
  • Reliable: In use for years, status readable at any time in the portal

Heuchelheim, 14.06.2023 - The v4 predecessor was under contract for five years, now the v6 from IPmotion has been brought in during a break in the game. Easily recognisable by its new red aluminium jersey, modular in its game structure thanks to up to three modems and as quick as a flash with AC WLAN. Secrecy thanks to the latest encryption technologies and guided by the experts from Heuchelheim, who remotely and discreetly take care of updates or adjustments of entire fleets in operation.

For players and coaches of the German national team, it's now once again time to put your feet up on the pitch and relax on the road, with the best WLAN "made in Heuchelheim", fast, secure and reliable at your side. And in the router portal you can see at any time: Status of device, SIM cards and route.

Decades of experience, our own certified mobile routers and 24/7 service are the advantages that manufacturers like MAN - the partner of the DFB national team - and your customers enjoy with IPmotion.

IPmotion has been a WLAN team player for many sports clubs in the first and second national football leagues since 2006.

08.08.2020 - University Hospital Mannheim entrusts online connection of mobile corona test laboratory CoVLAB IPmotion

CAR-A-WAN.112 v6 with StationLink: Connects to existing WLAN and reduces monthly operating costs.
Test mobile exclusively developed for SARS-CoV-2 pathogen detection. Virus test in less than an hour and direct communication with affected persons and responsible persons is possible.

Mobile test laboratory travels to prisons, retirement homes and is online where infections spread quickly ->  rtf > pdf > docx

  • CAR-A-WAN.112 Plus LTE-A v6
  • Two mobile operators simultaneously for better coverage
  • WLAN-StationLink for using existing WLAN
  • Future-proof: Antennas prepared for 5G, modular router can later be upgraded with 5G modules

Heuchelheim, 08.08.2020 – A time-critical task: from the commissioning of the order to putting the first mobile biomedical class 2 laboratory in Germany into operation in the shortest possible time in order to test for Covid-19 in prisons and old people's homes and communicate the results on site.

The University Hospital Mannheim as laboratory operator has commissioned SHE AG and IPmotion to make the access of the mobile corona test laboratory CoVLAB to the IT infrastructure of the UMM mobile and secure, via VPN concentrator and connection-secure CAR-A-WAN technology.

At the heart of this is the modular LTE-A router CAR-A-WAN.112 with two simultaneous mobile radio connections and an additional WLAN connection via a combined 4G/5G antenna system with high reception, coordinated on site and commissioned by IPmotion. The modular router can later be retrofitted with 5G radio modules.

A software connected to the PCR diagnostics of the mobile laboratory evaluates the analysis results technically and medically and sends them electronically to the University Medical Center Mannheim for reporting, which processes the data and coordinates further measures.

Florian Kempff, managing partner of IPmotion GmbH: "Successful projects require communication and coordination. With SHE AG, the UMM has been able to engage a project partner that IPmotion has supported with experience in integrating mobile phone providers.

26.10.2019 - IPmotion equips the West and South of Germany with public WLAN with 122 train sets

For Stadler Flirt / XXL: CAR-A-WAN.rail
For GoAhead: Stadler Flirt

Order already delivered at 3/4: Customer is StadlerRail for the railway companies Abellio and GoAhead > rtf > pdf > docx

  • CAR-A-WAN.rail in combination with CAR-A-WAN.AP
  • 2 or 3 mobile operators at the same time for better coverage
  • Hardware design designed for decades of operation and continuous upgradeability

Heuchelheim, 26.10.2019 - StadlerRail has had good experiences with IPmotion as a system supplier for public WLAN in rail vehicles and entrusts its customers Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland and Abellio Rail NRW with the modular and future-proof LTE WLAN routers from Heuchelheim in Hesse for the networks Baden-Württemberg 1, Stadtbahn Rhein Ruhr and E-Netz Allgäu. The delivery of the components of all projects to ¾ has been completed.

For the first time, IPmotion will also serve StadlerRail as a WLAN access provider and assumes legal and technical responsibility: Florian Kempff, managing partner of IPmotion GmbH, comments: "We offer performance-based bandwidth allocation for WLAN users and expand Internet access with a platform of additional media services for the operator Abellio.

SRR and ENA are using the same platform v6 for the first time, which replaces v4 and is also designed for a 10 year usage period for computer components. CPU and main memory are sufficiently dimensioned, two additional mass memories can the customer select, up to 16 TByte large SSD.

The modular design of the CAR-A-WAN.rail series also permits the replacement of LTE radio components; these are designed for a userfriendly operating time of 3-5 years before they can be replaced with combined LTE/5G modules thanks to the Sub-6 GHz preparation of the v6.

As a reliable and innovative supplier, IPmotion GmbH guarantees the all-aluminium housings of the CAR-A-WAN.rail series a further 30 years of availability in the 20th year of its existence.

Kempff: "Experience and foresight are what define us, which is why we are a good partner in consulting, conception and implementation of long-term challenges. We don't know what the world looks like in 2050, but until then we remain curious".

22.11.2018 - IPmotion equips team bus of professional soccer players from FC Bayern Munich with CAR-A-WAN

(c) Michael Lauerbach
(c) Michael Lauerbach

FCB: It's another CAR-A-WAN, the premium WLAN router from Heuchelheim! > rtf > pdf > docx

  • CAR-A-WAN.coach Plus LTE for the players of the "Bestia Negra"
  • Premium: Double LTE and WLAN
  • New web interface in Responsive Design

Munich, 22.11.2018 - This is already the third handover in Munich: After the first CAR-A-WAN to the national team in 2006, the bus to the handball team of Bavaria in 2012, the record champion today received his new team bus, a MAN with the mobile WLAN router of IPmotion GmbH, the Premium manufacturer of professional and automotive Internet access.

The bus, a Lion's Coach from MAN, was ceremoniously presented and handed over on Odensplatz in front of the Feldherrenhalle. The players have every convenience on board and can access the Internet barrier-free, whereby the CAR-A-WAN router simultaneously supplies the players with LTE Internet via WLAN between the mobile phone providers with full bandwidth of both modems.

With the CAR-A-WAN, special attention was paid to the fact that the drivers themselves can configure primary router settings on the Web with a smartphone without installing special apps: With the admin web in Responsive Design, all operating parameters such as SIM card settings, WLAN name, WLAN password and roaming authorisation can be accessed securely and at any time with the smartphone and the connection technology, signal strength and location are displayed.

See also (german/pictures):

05.02.2018 - IPmotion supplies German regional bus Leipzig with WiFi

Downsizing the CAR-A-WAN.coach Plus v4 to cost-effective certified access point > rtf > pdf > docx

  • 145 buses equipped with WiFi
  • Supplement to already installed LTE router
  • WiFi-AP from the CAR-A-WAN v4 series were delivered

Heuchelheim, 05.02.2018 - IPmotion delivered smart WiFi access points for the 145 buses of Regionalbus Leipzig GmbH in December 2017 after a six-month test phase. LTE routers were already installed in the vehicles, which were supplemented by individually programmable WLAN systems based on the CAR-A-WAN 4 series. The overall solution, which has now been handed over to the public, offers a legally compliant, reliable and free of charge access to the Internet and traffic information via the easy. GO connection information service.

11.01.2018 - IPmotion attends the IT-TRANS in Karlsruhe

IPmotion’s next product drive starts at IT-Trans 2018 in Karlsruhe > rtf > pdf > docx

  • Brand-new and long-term available version 6 about to be released
  • Enhanced product design features Quick Lock Standard (QLS)
  • New rail version v6 in the established and space-saving v4 design
  • Standardized, modular and customizable platform ensures future viability

Heuchelheim, 11.01.2018 – IPmotion presents the latest version of its high end router series CAR-A-WAN at IT-Trans 2018 in Karlsruhe. The new version 6 is yet to be the most revolutionary leap in the system’s evolution since it entered the market as early as in 2003.

Multiple requirements about secure and high-performing mobile connections in today’s coach and railway sectors call for the supply of reliable 4G network systems. Furthermore, public transport operators wish for innovative entertainment options for travellers to uphold a preferably high customer satisfaction.

Given this background, IPmotion has decided to opt for a solution including the benefits of a system that supports all upcoming radio standards and nevertheless allows the implementation of nearly any individual request on the customers’ part.

The new versions’ CPUs will be provided by AMD (G-Series platform). Thus, production and support can be guaranteed until 2024. Another advantage concerning this new generation of core units will be the separation of main and auxiliary circuit boards hence adaptations to customer requirements will be easier than ever before.

One System for numerous passengers: Starting with version 6, IPmotion supports public WiFi solutions for up to 250 users per device, i.e. CAT 6-LTE. With the extensive introduction of CAT 11-LTE this number will eventually increase up to 500 users per device. This capacity is achieved with the aid of IPmotion’s patented multipath-multiprovider technology (patent no. DE102004045228B4).

Industrial storage media, e.g. SSD technology and such like, can be integrated if necessary. The basic version which is already equipped with one terabyte in storage space not even weighs one kilogram in the .coach-variant and is there with a featherweight in its class.

Adjustability in both soft- and hardware: The new modular system design allows the provisioning of additional interfaces even at small-scale production, paving the way to a disentanglement from conventional legacy systems.

Special sensors as well as backwards compatible interfaces may be integrated in customers’ projects. This simplifies migration and integration of existing systems towards leaner and more modern system designs.

Security and manageability in fleet operation: As of the introduction of version 6 of its CAR-A-WAN series IPmotion has a device at its disposal that combines both the advantages of an industrial router and traditional WiFi access points combined with a TPM crypto chip for the secure generation, utilisation and storing of VPN and system access certificates. The administration of large router fleets is being greatly simplified and besides standardized by means of the additional integration of CAPWAP.

Robust design and flexible connectivity: The new platform will be available for both the .coach and .rail versions of the CAR-A-WAN router series. Each version can be supplied with either one, two (version “Plus”) or three (version “Trio”) LTE modems. The new CAR-A-WAN.rail v6 continues the architecture of the CAR-A-WAN v4 series (solid aluminium housing). The .coach variant features an entirely new architecture, though still compatible with previous connectors and fastening elements alike. The new design is still based on solid aluminium for heavy temperature deviations may occur in the CAR-AWAN’s typical application area. All the aforementioned devices are available with either SMA, QLS or FAKRA connectors (built-to-order).

21.12.2017 - IPmotion supplies Stadler Rail

IPmotion has delivered the passenger WLAN for Stadler Variobahn and Tango - end customer is Aarhus Letbanen I/S of the city of Aarhus, Denmark > rtf > pdf > docx

  • IPmotion supplies Stadler with WLAN routers and WLAN access points
  • End customer is Aarhus Letbanen I/S
  • Cooperation for three years
  • Project in Denmark can be expanded
  • Further projects are already being supplied

Heuchelheim, 21.12.2017 - "We are proud to be able to contribute to the success of the project of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus in Denmark", says Florian Kempff, Managing Director of IPmotion GmbH from Heuchelheim and adds:"Culture requires communication for everyone. Since 2003, we have been serving people in public transport as non-discriminatory WLAN Internet access."

IPmotion has supplied Stadler Pankow GmbH with 14 train sets for the "Aarhus Letbanen" project and has granted an option for further train sets until 2021.

The scope of delivery includes rail-certified SimulSim LTE WLAN routers of the CAR-A-WAN.rail series and compatible access points.

The delivery of IPmotion's systems took place in 2015 and 2016, the successful commissioning of the Public Wi-Fi system took place in December 2017, and the light rail system went into operation on 21 December 2017.

The contracting parties have concluded contracts for further projects whose scope of the contract has already been delivered.

01.5.2016 - IPmotion presents reliable Internet access at the fair RETTmobil in Fulda

Logo of RETTmobil fair

IPmotion presents its new mobile WiFi router for emergency vehicles, fire brigades and mission control centres at the RETTmobil 2016 > rtf > pdf > docx

Heuchelheim, 01.05.2016 – With its new mobile router set CAR-A-WAN.112 LTE the German router manufacturer IPmotion is the first company to allow for a stable Internet connection in harshest operating conditions. The LTE device is especially apt to the usage in command vehicles of fire brigades, ambulance services and disaster control due to its extremely robust aluminium housing. It is moreover an ideal addition to those vehicles because of the new secure fax alternative which IPmotion presents at the RETTmobil 2016, a unique combination of a document scanner and an email attachment sending system which creates legally binding PDF documents and transfers them reliably which is most important where mission instructions are concerned

In contrast to common fax technology this solution can be combined with digital signatures. Florian Kempff, IPmotion’s CEO, explains: “Common fax technology only creates the appearance of a trustworthy sender whereas digitally signed PDF documents can be checked on the spot by the receiver with regard to their rightfulness.” According to Kempff this aspect of reliability and certainty is the main advantage of the innovative technology. Furthermore, the mission instructions can be transferred much faster than with the ordinary fax technology. As Kempff himself is member of the voluntary fire brigade of his native village, he knows: “In action, each second can mean a life-or-death decision.”

At the RETTmobil 2016 which takes place at the Messe Galerie Fulda from Wednesday, 11th to Friday, 13th of May 2016, IPmotion will present its novelty at its own stand with the number K1608. There the Hessian router manufacturer will also show its new router CAR-A-WAN.112 LTE and therewith the latest innovation for control centres and rescue vehicles.

19.4.2016 - E-Ticketing via CAR-A-WAN to launch in Switzerland

PostBus Switzerland introduces its brand-new cashless ticketing system in the canton of Valais - IPmotion provides the necessary technology – development already started in 2014 > rtf > pdf > docx

Heuchelheim, April 19th, 2016 – The new application „Check in, Be out“ (CiBo, available for iOS and Android) has cleared the way for a cash-free payment system in Swiss post buses by means of the already installed Wi-Fi routers of the type CAR-A-WAN.

Apart from the purchase of traditional tickets, one hundred test customers currently have the opportunity to make use of the new dynamic smartphone based ticketing throughout the canton of Valais. The German router manufacturer IPmotion provides the necessary Wi-Fi hotspots that transfer the travel data safely to a computer centre where the data preparation and invoicing take place.

The distance travelled per month is accounted for according to the so-called “best price procedure”. If a customer travels e.g. several times per month the same distance, he automatically receives a bill consisting of a combination ticket, which costs distinctly less than a number of one way tickets.

CiBo is currently testing in the urban bus network of Sion, the capital of the canton of Valais, as well as on the intercity bus between Sion and Martigny. The test phase will continue until the end of July. Moreover transferring the system to all Swiss buses as a new standard in ticketing is near completion. The Wi-Fi routers on which the programme is being implemented have already been in use for the last three years as a means of supplying customers with a free-to-use internet access. IPmotion’s CEO Florian Kempff explains: „Of the 2200 buses we have equipped with our CAR-A-WAN router, 85 percent are ready for CiBo. They merely need a software update which we are about to provide.”

Via CiBo the passengers connect their smartphones to the CAR-A-WAN router as soon as they enter the bus („Check in“). When they get off they are automatically disconnected and don’t need to do anything (“Be out”). The route they have travelled is measured minutely via GPS. This way the already existing advantage of free Wi-Fi on board Swiss PostBus coaches is being further improved. Kempff is convinced that the future-orientated system increases general interest in public transportation and creates acceptance for new tariff models.

IPmotion’s solution partners in this project are swiss smart media GmbH, xTreme Software S.r.l. from Italy, Swiss Post and the informatics department of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. Within the scope of the Mobility Lab Sion Valais, students of computer science supervise the project’s test phase and investigate latest technology. IPmotion has been researching in the field of smart electronic ticketing since 2014.

18.3.2016 - IPmotion integrates refugees

IPmotion is joining the network "Network - Companies integrate refugees" as the first one in the district of Gießen.

Florian Kempff (CEO) states: "As we understand Wi-Fi as a synonym of unlimited communication we feel obligated to know no bounds with our customers and our employees as well. Transport and information technology are a matter of international interest and business. We appreciate all those who have recovered their personal freedom in Europe under great privations and were home in our business field in their homeland.

We appreciate their courage and confidence and like to offer gaining insights into our team while improving the German language. We are looking for refugees with experience as a C/JAVA Programmer or electronics specialists and we hope to be able to make our contribution to integration."

16.2.2016 - IPmotion takes part in revolutionary WiFi-based e-ticketing project

IT-Trans 2016: The pilot programme „Check in, Be out“ (CiBo) enables customers of PostBus Switzerland to benefit from a client-friendly and precise billing system besides the already established free WiFi on board Swiss intercity coaches. > rtf > pdf > docx

In addition to traditional ticket purchase methods, one hundred test customers in the Canton of Valais now have the possibility to use a dynamic ticket purchase and billing system consisting of a GPS-based smart phone application. The German router manufacturer IPmotion provides the required WiFi hotspot as well as the data processing and analysis technology by means of an external computing centre.

The CiBo app (Android and iOS) automatically connects the passengers’ smart phones to the WiFi router (CAR-A-WAN) as soon as they enter the bus. When getting out, the connection is being terminated thus enabling an accurate ticket billing based on exact GPS data. “Free WiFi in public transport not only increases the average amount of passengers but it also creates acceptance for new tariff models which includes the least expensive method of billing when it comes to our framework,” IPmotion’s CEO Florian Kempff explains. “Moreover the CAR-A-WAN router can be directly connected to the vehicle electronics via CAN. Consequently the router functions amongst its other features as a data hub which transfers current vehicle data to a backend server for a most efficient processing.”

CiBo is currently testing in the city of Sion, the capital of the canton of Valais. The transfer from pilot programme to a standard device for all customers is estimated by the end of July. The essential routers by IPmotion have been successfully in use for more than three years. According to CEO Kempff 85% of all 2200 PostBus coaches throughout Switzerland are set up for the new ticketing feature. All they need is a software update. Apart from IPmotion, various solution partners such as swiss smart media, xTreme Software S.r.l., Swiss Post and the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland’s institute of information technologies are participating in the pilot programme. The evaluation takes place within the Mobility Lab Sion-Valais where all of those test group members investigate public transport solutions of the future.

During the IT-Trans trade fair at Karlsruhe exposition centre (1st – 3rd March 2016) IPmotion can be found at booth B1 / Hall 1.

16.09.2016 - Statement concerning the latest decision on WiFi hotspots by the European Court of Justice (C 484/14)

Statement concerning the latest decision on WiFi hotspots by the European Court of Justice (C 484/14)

> rtf > pdf > docx

  • ECJ’s judgement concerning WiFi hotspots intensifies the requirements regarding the operation of WiFi hotspots
  • Network access in return for the disclosure of clients’ identities is a technical obstacle
  • Future requirements for WiFi operators imposed by European legislation contradict the declared intention to ensure free Internet access throughout the European Union until the year 2020

Heuchelheim, 16.09.2016 – “The disclosure of the client’s identity before the use of a WiFi network is the highest possible hurdle regarding free access to the Internet“, Florian Kempff, CEO of IPmotion GmbH criticizes.

The Hessian company has provided the access points within 2200 Swiss PostBus long distance coaches since 2011. Together with wlan-partner.com AG, IPmotion developed a technology that grants public WiFi access in the most important part of Switzerland’s public transportation network. More than 140 million passengers per year enjoy their free Internet access on the iconic yellow coaches with their distinctive three-note horn call.

But Swiss customers merely require the disclosure of a cell phone number for users need to be available via SMS to log in. A disclosure of the client’s identity as requested by the European Court of Justice‘s latest decision is not necessary. And even that procedure is not an undisputed one within the Alpine country as the content is being surveilled, filtered and registered. This is necessary because the PostBus Switzerland AG is legally obliged do so as a reporting telecommunications service provider.

The person using the phone with corresponding number will only be investigated in case Swiss authorities require that via court order. But whether the person using the given number can actually be found is uncertain for there are millions of unregistered SIM cards in use throughout Europe and the WiFi on Swiss PostBus coaches can be accessed by anyone who has received a code via SMS and entered it in a confirmation page.
Even if it were technically possible to doubtlessly identify a cell phone user before the use of an Internet access point, this would pose an attack on the right of free speech, the freedom of information and the participation in public and economic life of the 21st century.

“This decision expresses a general distrust of the citizens of Europe and it threatens to blight the express political will of the European Union to facilitate the access to information and enhance the possibility of each citizen of the European Union to have their voice heard.“, Kempff adds hortatively.

14.10.2015 - Great entertainment for your guests

Busworld 2015: IPmotion introduces Router & Streaming Media Server in one unit > rtf > pdf > docx

By means of the Internet, the world is turning ever faster. Three quarters of people go online, twenty percent of which do so on their way. Smartphones, tablets and laptops make it possible. Thus travelling is nowadays to most people no longer a mere bridging of distances, but a question of luxury and diversion. While some make use of their journey time regarding labour, others like to be entertained. Whether checking their emails, listening to music or watching films – the needs of passengers vary. To satisfy them, the Central-Hessian router manufacturer IPmotion has developed an optimal solution. The mobile Wi-Fi router CAR-A-WAN.coach LTE with integrated media server makes travelling a whole new experience.
With the combined Internet-and-entertainment-package the device offers hereafter even more opportunities than just fast and secure Wi-Fi. ”Therewith up to eighty passengers will be able to enjoy an unrestricted organisation of an entertaining recreational time during travel“, managing director Florian Kempff promises. The certified and future-proof 12V/24V-version of the CAR-A-WAN router has been continuously developed to a CAN2IP gateway based on FMS 2.0/3.0 with the collaboration of Continental AG. With the cooperation of Swiss high-class network infrastructure provider wlan-partner.com AG the router has been worked towards an appliance most suitable for the implementation in tour coach fleets. Moreover it serves as DLNA media server and is capable of streaming photos, music and videos to any suitable terminal device.
Passengers are thereby enabled to make use of the provided media centre with the aid of their own mobile devices. ”We offer our customers an umbrella licence for the play-back of their own media content as well as films provided on our part“, Kempff explains. Because of the easily comprehensible system setup, end-users will have no difficulties to find their way within the media portal. No additional software is required. “Our service contains latest films and music releases as well as newspapers which can be called up with only a few clicks.” Hence the times when coach trips mainly consisted of looking out of the window are gone.

21.1.2015 - Transport Minister Dobrindt is demanding WLAN on regional transportation – Is it now time for the megabit toll?

WiFi for light rail and regional trains - The German router manufacturer IPmotion is ready with certified LTE devices.
> rtf > pdf > docx

Heuchelheim, 21.1.2014 – The demand made by Transport Minister Dobrindt for free WLAN for the almost two billion passengers who use the regional and city trains operated by Deutsche Bahn every year is in line with the mobility of our times. The ability to surf, check e-mails or use entertainment services on the way to work or in our free time makes travelling more pleasant. The coach operators recognised this competitive advantage from the start: WLAN has been a standard service in this sector for a long time.

For the railways to be able to service this basic requirement on regional lines for passengers who demand the new level of mobility they will need mobile network routers. These routers need to be certified for rail transportation services. The requirements for the devices are stringent for security reasons. They must also be suitable for use by many passengers but also be available at a reasonable cost.

“We have the perfect solution”, says Florian Kempff, Managing Direction of IPmotion GmbH, based in Hesse. “Our CAR-A-WAN rail LTE routers are produced in Germany and certified for rail transportation use in accordance with DIN EN 50155. Thus we are offering the only routers that are Made in Germany and certified for light rail.“

The flexible backend system used in the IPmotion routers also allows for many connection possibilities for mobile applications such as e-ticketing or timetable information. Deutsche Bahn has already certified the devices and uses them with great success on its DB IC buses. Excellent data speeds have also been achieved on rural routes with bad network cover.

IPmotion has stated: “We approve of the demand made by Minister Dobrindt for WLAN on local rail services. We have a suitable device available and the know-how for its large-scale use”. “However we hope, considering the fast surfing speeds that our LTE model achieves, that Mr. Dobrindt does not introduce a megabit toll charge”, Florian Kempff added with a wink.

14.11.2014 - One year of being reliably online: berlinlinienbus.de chooses Wi-Fi by IPmotion

The long-distance coach company berlinlinienbus.de has been offering its customers for more than a year a stable broadband connection thanks to Wi-Fi-routers made in Germany. > rtf > pdfdocx

Heuchelheim/Berlin, 14.11.2014 – A steady and reliable internet connection has become more important in the long-distance travelling market segment than ever. That has become clear to the companies of Bayern Express & P. Kühn Berlin GmbH and Haru Reisen OHG Hans Rudek. Both companies have combined their longstanding and successful commercial presence as well as their experience in charter transport in their joint venture berlinlinienbus.de which uses Wi-Fi-routers by IPmotion.

Since 2013 eighty-two CAR-A-WAN devices made by the Hessian company IPmotion have been built into berlinlinienbus.de‘s long-distance coaches. They provide more than 700.000 passengers a year with Wi-Fi during journeys.

Jörg Schaube of Bayern Express explains: „Wi-Fi is an essential equipment feature in the long-distance coach industry. Young passengers nowadays expect Wi-Fi on board. We deem it compulsory to offer our passengers stable and fast internet.“

Karsten Schulze of Haru Reisen adds: „It was most important to us that our on-board internet work as reliable and as fast as possible – even in an entirely booked up double deck coach. Our decision for IPmotion’s routers still satisfies us today. The Wi-Fi we offer is widely esteemed and our customers’ feedback is outright positive.“

Even on the surcharged route from Berlin to Hamburg that shows a meager network coverage berlinlinienbus.de is able to offer its customers the broadband connection they expect for one of IPmotion’s IT experts checked this route as well as others of berlinlinienbus.de’s with regard to the required router adjustments in advance.

03.06.2013 - 1,250 new WLAN hotspots for PostAuto Schweiz AG buses

Together with the Zürich network specialist WLAN-Partner.com AG, Hesse-based IPmotion GmbH has equipped 1,250 fleet and commercial vehicles of the Swiss bus operator PostAuto Schweiz AG with WLAN routers and successfully completed the Schweizer Post’s project for the equipping of vehicles with wireless Internet. Using their smartphone or pad, bus passengers can now read, play or work without disruption and free of charge while travelling on over 70 percent of all vehicles of the public transport provider.  > rtf > pdf > docx

Heuchelheim/Zürich, 27.05.2013 – If connection problems occur, the Wi-Fi devices from IPmotion can be rerouted to a replacement connection in fractions of a second without the connection breaking, whatever the vehicle speed. Dead spots during coach journeys or caused by an overloading of the network are thus a thing of the past. The Wi-Fi routers were developed by IPmotion from Hesse, and configured, monitored and controlled for operation by the Swiss network partner WLAN-partner.com in Zürich. Last year, both were accepted as suppliers by Schweizer Post following an intensive vendor comparison.

“In Germany too, the rising popularity of telematics solutions for fleet management, the growing number of mobile Internet solutions on the market for travellers and the numerous new long-distance bus routes are leading to a greater demand for solutions” said Florian Kempff, Managing Director of IPmotion GmbH. “Here we also offer fleet operators in Germany a comparatively low-cost dual solution for customer service with wireless Internet, which also supports a manufacturer-independent analysis of fleet operation data. In addition to this, after the successful completion of our joint equipping project, we can build on our valuable project experience in the bus market with partners such as WLAN-partner.com”.

See also: Over 150,000 PostBus customers surf the Internet free of charge

24.04.2012 - Hannover Messe 2012: IPmotion wins 2012 industry prize and becomes best supplier

With its innovative CAR-A-WAN router technology, the Hesse-based IPmotion GmbH was the overall winner with the "INDUSTRY PRIZE 2012".

A 30-member jury comprising professors, scientists and trade journalists considered 500 contenders and awarded this year's prize to the mobile WLAN router CAR-A-WAN. The innovativeness and suitability for SMEs of the technological development were assessed.

The CAR-A-WAN is the first CE-certified component of its type, which can also be used regardless of the manufacturer to upgrade used private and commercial vehicles, providing them with uninterrupted Wi-Fi when in motion. The previous year's winner of the competition was Bosch Rexroth.

  • Image A Award ceremony for industry prize 2012  > 300 dpi > 72 dpi (Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bruno O. Braun (VDI), Florian Kempff, Felix Kopf (v.l.n.r.)), (c) photo: Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH
  • Image B Award ceremony for industry prize 2012  > 300 dpi > 72 dpi (Felix Kopf, Florian Kempff, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bruno O. Braun (VDI) (v.l.n.r.)), (c) photo:  Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH)