Passenger numbers increase through free WiFi!

PlusBus and CAR-A-WAN - a winning team!

The new concept "PlusBus Hoher Fläming" has increased the passenger numbers of the Belzig transport company (VGB) by more than ten percent within the last year. Compared to the passenger growth in Germany in general (3.5 %) PlusBus finds itself on the fast lane.

The green light for the PlusBus concept in the Brandenburg district Potsdam-Mittelmark was given in December 2014. The concept consists of an hourly bus service from as earlx as six a.m. until after six p.m., brief connection times from buses to trains and a full weekend service. Previously the district's bus schedules were mainly oriented towards school transport and considerably less frequented.

PlusBus offers customers in rural regions a means of public transportation on an hourly base with direct connections to trains and free WiFi on board. "Thereby passengers can use their travel time much more efficiently than when travelling by their own car", managing director Hans-Jürgen Hennig enthuses. Passenger surveys have revealed that one third of respondents considered free WiFi access on board as the main advantage. This positive factor can be achieved through relatively low investment costs that pay off in no time if one considers the increasing passenger numbers as a result of the equipping of buses with routers. Declares Hennig: "We are expanding our service. The figures agree with us. When it comes to customer satisfaction WiFi has definitely become a centre of attention." Such developments point out that reliable WiFi access points are becoming ever more important in public transportation. They are a competitive factor not to be underestimated. The Belzig transport company has settled for the robust and reliable routers of the type CAR-A-WAN by IPmotion. Hennig emphasizes: "We have chosen IPmotion's system after a number of tests and market observations and all of our expecatations were met, if not even surpassed."

Shape your region in a more attractive way as well by taking on the effective PlusBus concept. Apart from a sound conncetion between buses and trains, free WiFi on board will definitely draw people's attention towards your bus network!