Antenna assignment according to colours

The following information is only available on CAR-A-WAN v6 (all types) and CAR-A-WAN.rail v4:

We have largely used the FAKRA color scheme also for the assignment of N connectors or QLS connectors.

At the CAR-A-WAN.rail the N-connector is surrounded by a coloured insulating ring, at and CAR-A-WAN.112 there is a label at the antenna connector, in the following in quotation marks.

  • "1" and "1M" mobile phone and SIM card 1-1 and 1-2 > claret
  • "2" and "2M" mobile phone and SIM card 2-1 and 2-2-> crimson
  • "3" and "3M" mobile phone and SIM card 3-1 and 3-2 > pastel orange
  • "GPS" > blue
  • "W1" and "W1M" WLAN for WLAN AP (indoor antenna) -> white/yellow or beige (CAR-A-WAN.rail)
  • "W2" and "W2M" WLAN for WLAN ethernet client (roof antenna) -> beige

Within the colours of the mobile phone connections, the assignment is the same, i.e. it is the same, for example, which bordeaux red coaxial cable is connected to "1" or "1M".

At and CAR-A-WAN.112 mostly this antenna has to be connected to "W1" and "W1M", which can be fixed by means of an adhesive pad or on magnetic surfaces. This antenna has thinner (RG316) coaxial cables than the other, somewhat thicker (RG58) coaxial cables of the roof antennas and white/yellow marking on the QLS connectors.