Product discontinuation - End of life

These products are no longer being sold and might not be supported. Remaining items of the product may be still in stock. We strive to offer you long time possible-support, but can not assure support without a long term supplier. Our ambition is to offer products with identical dimensions and connectors.

List of discontinued products

EoL product type last order replaced by type upgrade dimensions connectors
4260031730017 CAWv3MC8790 9/2009 4260031731571 CAWv4H909uS yes identical same
4260031730024 CAWv3MC8790P 9/2009 4260031731588 CAWv4H909uPS yes identical same
4260031730055 CAWv3E5521gw 2/2011 4260031731571 CAWv4H909uS yes identical same
4260031730062 CAWv3E5521gwP 2/2011 4260031731588 CAWv4H909uPS yes identical same
4260031730260 CAWv2OGTMAX 9/2014 4260031730512 CAWv4H909uPCI no smaller different
4260031730154 CAWv4F5321gw 3/2016 4260031731571 CAWv4H909uS yes identical same
4260031730161 CAWv4F5321gwP 3/2016 4260031731588 CAWv4H909uPS yes identical same
4260031730208 CAWv4F5321gwPCPA 3/2016 4260031731595 CAWv4H909uPSPA yes identical same
4260031730499 CAWv4H909uPC 4/2021 4260031733254 CAWv6S7455PCF no bigger same
4260031730482 CAWv4H909uC 4/2021 4260031733247 CAWv6S7455CF no bigger same

What are your options if your product is listed here?

Place your laster order or ask for the reissuance of a product and ask for the minimum order quantity, or obtain a replacement product. We like to create an individual offer and support you updating your product information and certification chain.

How to read the list

The EoL product is the product what you want to order and we offer the replacement product. The upgrade column indicates whether we in the case of a repair, or because it is simply not up to date, the CAR-A-WAN upgrade can be upgraded with better components or refurbished with equal ones. This can be done through new software and modems or a Wi-Fi card. If the dimensions are not equal, then a new mount is required, if the connectors are not the same then you're are requiring adapter cables or just new antennas.