Employees for development ML/AI f/m/d

Are you interested in visualizing geographic data using maps?

You are enthusiastic about designing, developing and maintaining machine learning models, data visualization and manipulation?

Creating machine learning models and maintaining Github/Gitlab repositories is something you enjoy?

Then join our team!

Your skills:

  • Completed science or engineering degree, e.g. physics, computer science, mathematics or comparable
  • Basic Linux administration
  • Python scripting
  • Understanding of machine learning algorithms (neural networks, regression models)
  • Experience with machine learning libraries (Keras, Numpy, Pandas, Sci-Kit Learn)
  • Knowledge of data visualization (Bokeh, Folium).
  • Development of MLOPs (Machine Learning Operations) concepts using Python libraries (MLflow, MetaFlow).
  • PostgresSQL database
  • Experience with version control tools (Github, Gitlab).
  • Docker (optional)

Still interested? Then please apply at jobs@IPmotion.de