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Live taxi project in Berlin

The original CAR-A-WAN was developed for the "livetaxi" project. From May 2000 to September 2000, this involved using CAR-A-WAN to transmit live audio and video for SAT1 and every day for 14 hours.

Change as opportunity

In 2001 we were invited to make our router viable for motor vehicles: the target platform was Daimler AG's car brand Maybach, reborn after 60 years. At the time, going online was by GPRS, with data travelling at snail's pace. We are an OEM.


In 2003 we equipped our first train with internet: On the journey from Tallinn in Estonia, passengers of the Edelaraudee can connect to the Internet in first class with a LAN cable: at ISDN speed. This project has paid for itself within 9 months as more and more business travellers move into the first class to work better. With soccer clubs and noble buses we gain speed: Up to 5 modems and WLAN delight the first travel groups who consider travel time as working time. The first Bundesliga is a fan of CAR-A-WAN. Still today!

Internet in motion, sustainable!

A stable Internet connection on the road is indispensable for many and WLAN is generally a basic need today, such as eating and drinking. With us, the Internet is also reliably available in means of transport.

In addition, we decouple the innovation cycles of mobile radio technology from the planning and modernization intervals: Format factors and connections remain identical for decades, but modularity enables us to keep the inner workings of our routers up to date at all times, thus protecting your finances and nerves.

Sustainability pays off: We have been upgrading and recycling our products over and over again for years, thus sustainably avoiding electronic scrap. With the v6, after 10 years, a product developed from the ground up is coming onto the market again.


  • 2000: Live taxi project
  • 2001: Daimler order R&D
  • 2002: Small series for Maybach
  • 2003: v1 with GPRS ECE/USA
  • 2004: Partnership with SIEMENS
  • 2005: v2 with 24V & HSUPA
  • 2006: Partnership with VDO
  • 2009: v3 with 12V & HSPA
  • 2012: v4 with 24V & HSPA+
  • 2013: Free Internet in PostBus, Switzerland
  • 2014: v4 with 24V & LTE & Rail
  • 2015: CiBo-Pilot in PostBus, Switzerland
  • 2017: v6 LTE-A order StadlerRail
  • 2018: DB order WIFI @DB Regio
  • 2019: v6 LTE-A 112 & Bus
  • 2020: Expansion WiFi@DB (Deutsche Bahn)


  • Florian Kempff, Grünberg
  • Jörg Kramer, Gießen

Sales and production

  • Own Linux distribution
  • OEM for special vehicles, buses and railways
  • Preference product "Made in Germany"
  • Partner sales concept