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Live taxi project in Berlin

The original CAR-A-WAN was developed for the "live taxi" project. From May 2000 to September 2000, this involved using CAR-A-WAN to transmit live audio and video for SAT1 and every day for 14 hours.

Change as opportunity

In 2001 we were invited to make our router viable for motor vehicles: the target platform was Daimler AG's car brand Maybach, reborn after 60 years. At the time, going online was by GPRS, with data travelling at snail's pace. We are an OEM.

Customer requests as a driver of innovation

We are gaining momentum with football clubs and quality buses: up to 5 modems and WLAN are being enjoyed by the first tour groups, who regard travel time as work time. The top German football league is a fan of the CAR-A-WAN.

Growth through training

Since 2011, we have been training IT system electronics technicians and IT specialists in the dual system, and working for our customers with a team of 15 specialised employees at our Heuchelheim site near Gießen.

Our goal: Travelling better with knowledge

People and their vehicles gain from information: Drivers can make better decisions when they are able to share the experience and feeling of other road users.

IPmotion promotes decisions through experience in movement.


  • 1999: Web radio Microsoft IE5
  • 2000: Live taxi project
  • 2001: Daimler order R&D
  • 2002: Small series for Maybach
  • 2003: v1 with GPRS ECE/USA
  • 2004: Partnership with SIEMENS
  • 2005: v2 with 24V & HSUPA
  • 2006: Partnership with VDO
  • 2009: v3 with 12V & HSPA
  • 2012: v4 with 24V & HSPA+
  • 2013: Free Internet in PostBus, Switzerland
  • 2014: v4 with 24V & LTE & Rail
  • 2015: CiBo-Pilot in PostBus, Switzerland


  • Florian Kempff, Grünberg
  • Ulrich Kempff, Bad Nauheim
  • Jörg Kramer, Gießen

Sales and production

  • Own Linux distribution
  • OEM for buses and cars
  • Preference product "Made in Germany"
  • Partner sales concept