Connect QLS plug correctly

QLS plug before locking
Connection before locking
QLS plug after locking, a taper of the sleeve becomes visible, here in the middle. On QLS Advanced plugs this is marked green.
Connection after locking, to release, the sleeve must be pulled back again, but not pull on the coaxial cable!

QLS connectors (from v6, models .112/.coach) offer better high-frequency connection for e.g. WLAN or in future 5G.

Unfortunately the connectors are more complicated than e.g. FAKRA connectors and also more sensitive to incorrect handling.

When attaching the plug, its ring must be retracted so that the locking springs are released. The plug is then pushed onto the panel jack on the housing side and the front ring of the plug is then moved to the housing with fixed pressure; the connection is locked.

If the ring has already been pushed forward when the connector is pushed on, the locking springs can be damaged.

Please make sure that the ring points towards the coaxial cable until the end. If you want to disconnect the connection again, the ring of the socket must first be pulled back before the coaxial cable can be disconnected.

If you have problems with QLS connections, you can switch to QLS-Advanced. QLS-Advanced is an optimized version of QLS and available for an additional charge.