My SIM card is not recognized and the registration fails due to the mobile radio network

The contacts of SIM cards must be cleaned if they have been touched with fingers during installation and then show traces of corrosion. Remove the SIM card and use a lint-free cloth and isopropanol. Stubborn dirt can be removed with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Erasers are not recommended for cleaning the contact surfaces. To insert the SIM card, always touch the sides only.

How many users does the CAR-A-WAN support?

With the router, you can connect far more devices than the number of passengers in a bus. Even a railway coach has fewer seats than there are CAR-A-WAN IP addresses. The bottleneck is, as always, the bandwidth: in our experience, 30 users can surf normally with two modems (our Plus variant), with the exception of intensive use such as films or downloading software.

What are the passwords for the CAR-A-WAN?

For security reasons, the passwords cannot be found here or in the documentation. But they can be obtained from by e-mail. Please inform us of your serial number (29xxxx) to obtain them.

How can I avoid high roaming costs abroad?

Simply purchase prepaid services of the transit country for when you are abroad. That is easier to do than before and much, much cheaper. We will be happy to notify you of the necessary settings. The works settings of the CAR-A-WAN do not permit "roaming", so the modem only goes online if it thinks it is not abroad ...

Why does the CAR-A-WAN use two modems?

Both modems can be online simultaneously and are utilised by the users like high-availability Internet access. Dead zones are thus a thing of the past.

Does it make sense to use SIM cards from different providers?

Yes, we recommend this expressly at least for Germany. The reason for this lies in the history of private mobile wireless. In the early days, the regulatory authority (today the Federal Network Agency) for telecommunications and postal services prohibited D1-Telekom and D2-Mannesmann (today Vodafone) from sharing the use of radio masts. That is why the networks still do not cover exactly the same areas and the best reception is only possible with both networks.